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Whatever kind of service you are looking for, we have one that can fit your budget and needs. Customize a service plan and parts to fit your spa needs! We fix and service all pools and spas, big or small.

SKI Leases

We offer our most popular service to vaction rental properties and are available to work with your management company. Please call or email for more infomation.


Spa equipment can be complex. Leave it to the experts to keep your spa sparkling clear. Hearing a strange noise? Broken parts? Tahoe Spa Doctor can handle it so you can get back to enjoying your spa. Please call or email to speak with a repair professional. 


We offer:

1 time a month

2 times a month

4 times a month

Please call or email for more information



We highly recommend that you change out your spa water regularly. There are many factors that can lead to the need for your water to be changed regularly including algae particles, debris, bad filtration, lack of sanitizer, high pH, body oils, or body lotions. Let Tahoe Spa Doctor take care of it worry free.


We also provide pool services for commercial properties. This includes repairs, renovations, pool equipment installation and upgrades. Please call or email for more information.


We can order your spa supplies such as chemicals, covers, pumps, heaters and jet parts. Please call or email to talk to a part specialist.

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